With the use of a food dehydrator you can have other source of income. First, you can have your backyard planted with organic fruits and vegetables. Some of the harvest can be sold by other consumers. The rest of it, you can dehydrate them or make them into a healthy and delicious snack or meal. You can also sell it to your neighbours. It is good if you have your own food business. That’s why you may need to have a strong dehydrator that can do the work for you. You can choose to have STX dehydra 800W-XLS 10 Tray food dehydrator.

Why you should choose STX dehydra 800W-XLS 10 Trays food dehydrator?

  • It has 10 trays which are safe for dishwasher. They are all extra large with a measurement of 14 square feet of drying space.

This would really cater enough fruits and vegetables. You can do so many recipes with this food dehydrator.

  • It is powered by 800 watts. The temperature can be adjusted from 85 to 155 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • It has 3 cubic feet of drying space.
  • It has a horizontal air flow. This means that fan and heat circulate back to the unit for even drying without getting the foods burned.
  • It is made of AS (Acrylonitrile Monomer) which is approved by the U.S FDA.
  • It does not contain “BPA” (Bisphenol A) which is dangerous for your health. This is often associated with plastic-made dehydrator.
  • It is a heavy duty home used food dehydrator.
  • You can enjoy its 1 year warranty.

The Benefits:

  • It is user friendly.
  • It does not bring risk to your health.
  • It has a reasonable price.
  • It is made to last longer years.
  • It dehydrates food quickly.

The Possible Drawback:

  • It is very huge. You need to store it at an adequate space in your home.

A Review From Another User

Bought one of these for putting produce from my gardens up this summer and for making jerky (got to have jerky!). As far as my choices went, it was a dead heat between the STX and the Excalibur. I went with the STX due to the customer reviews and the price. It has all the bells and whistles the Excalibur top model has for half the price.

Wow! The STX is ginormous, holds a ton of food and dries everything I’ve used it for very well. First day I had it the kids and I dried a bunch of apple and banana chips for an upcoming road trip. This thing works better than the Excalibur my ma has had for eons, the convection makes drying so much easier and faster. Very pleased with it.

So far I’ve done apples, bananas, 3 different jerkies, and raised bread dough. It hasn’t let me down yet.

Raising bread dough, well, slightly embarrassing story there. Before I bought this model STX I had been looking at their other dehydrator, which comes with the 4 tray blank door for doing larger items. I ordered this model STX, received it, and realized it hadn’t come with the door blank. I sent an eMail off to The Mercantile Station through Amazon, in under five minutes I was getting a phone call. After a pleasant conversation, he explained where I had made my error (and, yes, it was MY error) and then informed me that he’d have one of his fabricators *make* me a custom door blank for my model STX, I received it in what had to be record time (about a week). Color me amazed, impressed, and grateful.

If you’re like I was, sitting on the fence trying to decide which dehydrator to buy, I can’t recommend this dehydrator or seller enough.

Great product, very nice and prompt people who will bend over backwards to make you happy, who else would you want to deal with? S. Crandall

Where To Buy?

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